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About Booking Mates

Booking Mates is a technology provider for companies and individuals specializing in the Luxury Chauffeur, Travel, Affiliate and Hotel industries throughout Australia with our headquarters based in Queensland. Booking Mates offers a variety of technology-based administration solution options for customers all throughout the country. The company prides itself on offering superior customer service and has several initiatives as far as value-added services are concerned.

The Booking Mates team has been working within the industry from 2009 and since then have gained extensive knowledge and experience to know what it takes to run a successful business. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experiences and tremendous value for our clients. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the Luxury Chauffeur, Travel and Hotel industries and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality booking web portal/online management tool in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Booking Mates assists Australia’s leading booking companies and specializes in client travel experiences to ensure a most unique online management tool. Booking Mates offers a variety of customized, value-added tools to meet customer needs to the fullest. Our specialized service offerings include Luxury Chauffeur, Affiliate, Travel and Hotel industry administration solutions.

Book a Ride - Australia wide

The Booking Mates system allows you and/or your clients to easily book transfers best suited to the situation, whether it is a transfer for a wedding/school formal, airport pick-up/drop off or just a simple point to point or hourly transfer. You will receive access to your own admin panel in which you will have the option to book multiple rides in one step, this will link them together and give you the convenience of quick access to make adjustments if there are any flight or schedule changes.

Designed for Travel Agents with tailor-made booking services.

Our system links travellers with their travel arrangers and saves the traveller's history and preferences. It sends a booking confirmation to both yourself and your client and you will receive access to your own Travel Agent panel to maintain past, present and future bookings. Find out why travel agents/travel arrangers and passengers love Booking Mates's dynamic ground transportation management solutions.

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Designed for affiliates.

This system will allow you to create quotes and bookings for your clients as well as manage and edit bookings that have been made by your affiliates. You will receive access to your own Affiliates panel where you will be able to add and manage your own affiliates in quick and simple steps.

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Designed for Hotel Concierge.

With the Booking Mates system alongside an easy to understand layout, we can provide you with our quote and booking widgets, allowing you to create instant quotes and bookings for your clients. You will receive access to your own Hotel Concierge panel where you will be able to view and maintain past, present and future bookings for your clients.

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Why Booking Mates?

Booking Mates has been built from its humble beginnings to transform into one of Australia’s technology-based administration solution providers and is known for several USPs. These can be concisely listed below:

  • Your own business generating website
  • Product & Marketing Manager
  • All accounting is done for you
  • Office and Booking Management System
  • Head Office Support Centre - for technical, processing and product support services
  • Business Development Manager to provide ongoing support and encouragement
  • No long term contract - we're confident you will be happy with our services and we'll be the right fit to help you grow your business
  • Email newsletter

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What We offer?

Booking Mates offers you an operator dashboard that can be linked with your own website and provides you with a fixed priced quote, booking, secure payment, confirmation and independent feedback system, alongside client/traveller/user dashboard for your clients to maintain all of their past, present and future bookings and earn loyalty points through your website.

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